Running in -30° C: What to wear

The saying "There's no bad weather, just bad clothing" is one that I take with a grain of salt. Sometimes having a friend along helps you catch frostbite early, and it can be necessary to shorten a workout to reflect conditions. Still, the right clothing can be a gamechanger to having fun outside in less-than-ideal… Continue reading Running in -30° C: What to wear


Skiing at -27 (without windchill)

I've gotten in several hikes, skis, and snowshoes so far in 2019; all of them, I've decided, have been too mundane for my blog. (They're not; I'm not in the habit of writing yet.) Sunday's 10 km ski at Kamview Nordic Centre in -27 was no exception, except for the pictures! Justus, Rosie, and I… Continue reading Skiing at -27 (without windchill)

ECT Day 4: Spout Path and best laid plans

After the longest day, we  had a well-deserved slow morning. As we ate our cereal and watched the ocean, the first long-distance backpackers we'd seen came into view. Twenty minutes later the two women were specks ascending Hartes Point Ridge. We did not envy them the climb or the tough terrain that followed it. We… Continue reading ECT Day 4: Spout Path and best laid plans

East Coast Trail: Part 3 Cape Spear & Motion Paths

It was the beginning of the longest day. Justus woke me up hours before daylight; purposefully, I avoided looking at my watch. We packed up camp without eating breakfast. We walked the road from Blackhead to Cape Spear, skipping Blackhead Path to avoid potential injuries from hiking in the dark. The climb was steep for… Continue reading East Coast Trail: Part 3 Cape Spear & Motion Paths

East Coast Trail: Part 2 Deadman’s Bay Path

After our day hike on Whitehorse Path, we returned to St. John's. Justus and I dropped our friend Anja off at her Airbnb. We planned to start hiking southbound on the East Coast Trail in the early evening and get to the first tenting site around dusk, but fortunately there was space available at the… Continue reading East Coast Trail: Part 2 Deadman’s Bay Path